Roosevelt Select Teams 2019-2020

Season Information

  • Season Length: November through mid March
  • Practices: Wednesdays at local gyms (Rav Eck and Thornton Creek starting in Dec)
  • Trainings: Tuesdays at Calvary Nov-Feb
  • Games: 3-4 AAU Tournaments and 1 City Rec League (Gold or Silver Div)
  • Teams who qualify for the State Championships will travel to Spokane March 14-15th
  • Team Coaches: All Roosevelt Area Select coaches are experienced and paid monthly stipends with background checks.
  • Forming Teams: We will try to have teams formed by Oct. 31st by which date you will receive an email about the team your student-athlete has been placed on. For those not placed on a team, we can still help find ways to get them involved in the program through training or on another local team.


Costs: $700 for 4.5 month season (Includes Uniform)

Forrest Ward Student-Athlete and Character Scholarships available.

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8th Boys AJersey #PositionFavorite SubjectFavorite BookFavorite Player
Blake Jensen9SGHistoryWonderKlay Thompson
Rio Valdez0PGMathDiary of a Wimpy KidKemba Walker
Emmanuel melese3SFMathThe BibleKobe Bryant 
James Wong11PFScienceSprawl BallYao Ming
Elyod Daniel5
Isaiah Allen 1SGScience The Outsiders Klay Thompson
Imran Hassan10
Christian von Bruck8PGMath
Augie Kellogg4SGMathKareemMatisse Thybulle
Jack Tribo23PGScienceAnimal FarmD’Angelo Russell

7th Boys AJersey #PositionFavorite SubjectFavorite BookFavorite Player
Connor Guise0PGMathThe OutsidersKyrie Irving
Dash Istafanous29GMathScythDonovan Mitchell
Ismail Guyo1
Nolan Owens12CLanguage ArtsNikola Jokic
Caden young2PGSpanishThe LivingSteph Curry
Shale Smith17SFMathThe Book ThiefKD
Miles Johnson 34GMathThe book thief Giannis Antetokounmpo
Andrew Charrier5SFHistoryMasterminds SeriesKlay Thompson
Peter Davis33CMathPercy Jackson LeBron 
Sal Marona45PFMathHarry PotterDurant
7th Boys BJersey #PositionFavorite SubjectFavorite BookFavorite Player
Liam Carey3PGMathBohemithWilt Chamberlin
Andrew Goodman10GPECalvin and HobbesDwayne Wade
Caelan Wobbrock5CMathPercy Jackson and the OlympiansKevin Durant
Xavier Crews18PFMath Harry PotterLabron 
Ezra Lee8PFGymHarry potterKylie Irving 
Lucas Bagley2GFrenchHarry Potter seriesLeBron James
Carter McCoy4GPEMiddle School Damian Lillard
Lucas Terzic11SFScienceBomb By Steve SheinkinKlay Thompson
Blake Puetz23GMathPercy Jackson SeriesLebron James
Carter Kriefall12SFMathTreasure IslandJames Harden
7th Boys CJersey #PositionFavorite SubjectFavorite BookFavorite Player
Connor Delaney3PGSocial StudiesMy Side of the Mountain TrilogyJohn Stockton
Tommy Fisehaye0PGMathSwishLebron james
Chance' Rey22CHistoryDiary of Wimpy KidRay Allen
Ethan Lawrence Eusebio12PGMathMagnus Chase The Sword of SummerJames Harden
Max McKay7PFLanguage ArtsThe Fault in Our StarsMatisse Thybulle
Christopher Henne10GScienceBoys in the BoatZion Williamson
Jake Snyder14SFHistoryWonderJimmy Butler
Gavin Klassen-Matuska13PFMathReboundZach Lavine
6th Boys AJersey #PositionFavorite SubjectFavorite BookFavorite Player
Joe Matter3SGMathThe Only RoadGiannis Antetokounmpo
Kiran Thakkar22PFMathSchool of Good and EvilAnthony Davis
Zachary Harris13GMathBasketball (and other things)James Harden
Henry Day0SGMathThe boys in the boatSpud webb
Francis Han21PFMathWarriorsGiannis Antetokounmpo
Jackson Dickerson4PGReadingNo Slam DunkSteph Curry
Wyatt Hoffman1PGmathPercy JacksonAllan Iverson
Theo Silas37GBandWonderStephan Curry
Ezra Maul2GRobotics / PEComicsKawai Leonard 
Gregory Williams 32PFMathPercy Jackson seriesStephen Curry
Benjamin Kalina15CScienceI FunnyNikola Jokic
5th Boys AJersey #PositionFavorite SubjectFavorite BookFavorite Player
Dylan O’Brien4PGMathWho is Michael Jordan?Allen Iverson
Tenzin Larkin10PGScienceEndling The LastMy brother
Dylan Watson22PGMathHarry PotterKyrie Irving
Gene Woodard III33GMathThe Action BibleSteph Curry
Max Hay24SGSciencePercy jackson and battle of the labrythSteph Curry
Owen Poort42PFMath & PEPercy Jackson seriesKevin Durant
Colin Delaney3PGMathHatchetJohn Stockton
Tate Bagley20PFScienceBig NateLeBron James
Kevin Staiger5SFPEAction booksKyrie Irving 
Andrew Patterson18GPEKnucklehead
JR Carlson29CMathAny MysteryStephen Curry 
5th Boys BJersey #PositionFavorite SubjectFavorite BookFavorite Player
Grant Lampitt12PGMathBig NateSteph Curry
Riley Smith11SGMathThe Bad GuysKyrie Irving
Lucas Schroeder 7PGP.E. Living with SealSteph Curry
Logan Rudell35SGMathAny nonfiction book about Kevin DurantKevin Durant
Malcolm Taggart3SGMathPercy JacksonStef Curry
Alex Bugbee30SFMathRefugeeStephen Curry
Henry Kaplan13CMathThe HobbitShaq 
Ja’Kai Alvarez31PGMath Star Wars James Harden
Max Odom14CScience, Language ArtsBillionaire BoyClay Thomson
Christian Koll2GMusicRanger in TimeGary Payton
Ben Bransford5SFMath and PERick Riordan seriesMichael Jordan
4th Boys AJersey #PositionFavorite SubjectFavorite BookFavorite Player
Braden Kreshock34PFMathDiary of a Wimpy KidGiannis Antentokounmpo
Royce Rosinbum33PGMathDogg ManCurry
Finnegan Muzia4PGPE and HistoryHarry Potter Chamber of SecretsSteven Curry
Lucas Blue5SFRecessCaptain UnderpantsRussell Westbrook
Max Pritchard23GPEReturn of the KingMichael Jordan
Tyler Rose3PFMathHardy BoysSteph Curry
Jerome Parzybok0GScienceGuiness Book of RecordsKawhi Leonard
Mateo Acker 17SFMath Harry PotterSteph Curry 
Martin wolfram2SGMathSuper GiftedBen Simmons
Angelo White1GMathWonderLebron James
4th Boys BJersey #PositionFavorite SubjectFavorite BookFavorite Player
Grant Dershewitz 27SFPEWings of FireKawhi Leonard
Aadi Muthuswamy 23SFMathHarry Potter Draymond Green
Tyler Herzog30SGMathHarry PotterNahzaih Carter
Case Van Niel4PGsocial studiesjasons goldKyle Lewis
Alex Balzer8GMathDiary of a Wimpy KidSteph Curry
Lucas Leong18SGMathFact / History BooksMichael Jordan
Jack Dailey9
Anderson McClinton5PGMath13 Story Treehouse Series and graphic novels! Steph Curry
Hutson Payne 7PGPE, mathToo many to know 
Jackson McCoy16GPEDogmanTyler Lockett 
Quinton O’Brien6G
7th GirlsJersey #PositionFavorite SubjectFavorite BookFavorite Player
Faith Horan3PGSpanishHunger GamesLebron James
Ashlyn Pritchard23GMathI Will Always Write BackMichael Jordan
Gia Gustav40PGDramaRacing in the RainGary Payton
Jenna McGary 14CbandI don't like readingKelsey Plum
Zoe Shouse6PGVocal JazzThe CrossoverLebron James
Isla Montgomery8GPE & ScienceSmileMy Mom
Kate Fitzpatrick 4PGPE and ScienceWonderAmber Melgoza
Blakely Grove5PGScience"A Night Divided"Sue Bird
Francesca Marona7
5th Girls AJerseyPositionFavorite SubjectFavorite BookFavorite Player
Stella Na22GArtOnceToben Heath 
Lucia Billish11Greading girl who drank the moonKawhi Leonard
Sadie Stoddard32PGReadingThe One and Only IvanSue Bird
Piper Smith10PGP.EHarry PotterKelsey Plum
Lucia Tseng4PGEnglish- ReadingSistersChristen Press 
Madelyn Conner40CMath El Duffo Kelsey Plum
Audrey Richardson12PGMathHarry Potter SeriesMicheal Jordan
Janie oswald 7PGMath Kiki and CocoSimon Biles 
5th Girls BJersey #PositionFavorite SubjectFavorite BookFavorite Player
Adelyn Bagley1PGEnglishPie by Sarah WeeksMagic Johnson
Adelyn Whalley3SGScienceBecause of Winn-DixieSue Bird
Iman Guyo2    
Maeve campbell6    
Isabelle burton5GmathBlendedAlex Morgan
Olivia Bennett13SFMath and Social StudiesSave me a seatBreanna Stewart 
Marlee Jensen14GartBecause Of Winn DixieSue Bird
Sadie Gustafson8GMathBlendedKelsey Plum
Kiran Joe9CMath  
4th Girls AJersey #PositionFavorite SubjectFavorite BookFavorite Player
Opal Wilson6CLunchWings of FireNatasha Howard
Gilly Gustav20PGPENikki on the LineGary Peyton
Olivia Cooper10PGMathBabysitter Club
Sophia Dickerson3PGReadingI am MalalaSue Bird/Kelsey Plum
Sydney Sprangers12GPEDiary of a Wimpy Kid seriesBreanna Stewart
Sloane Sprangers30PGReadingDiary of a Wimpy KidBreanna Stewart
Lilly Young9GMathThe Only RoadMichael Jordan
Peyton Young22GMusicDiary of a Whimpy KidSteph Curry
Mila Shannon23SFLanguage Arts / ReadingRefugeeMissy Peterson 
Devin Crosier32PGArt and PEThe Pants Project by Cat Clark
Sally Aronchick2SFLunchPheobe + Her Unicorn Sally Aronchick 

Team Training

4th Grade Girls AThursdays4-5:15pmCalvary Gym
4th Grade Boys A & BTuesdays4-5:15pmCalvary Gym
5th Grade Boys A & BTuesdays5-6:15pmCalvary Gym
5th Grade Girls A & BTuesdays6-7:15pmCalvary Gym
6th Grade Boys AMondays5-6:15pmCalvary Gym
7th Grade Girls AThursdays5:15-6:30pmCalvary Gym
7th Grade Boys B & CTuesdays7-8:15pmCalvary Gym
7th Grade Boys ATuesdays7:45pm-9pmCalvary Gym
8th Grade Boys ATuesdays7:45pm-9pmCalvary Gym


4th Grade Girls AWednesday7-8pmThornton Creek Elementary School
4th Grade Boys A & BWednesday4:30-5:30pmRavenna Eckstein CC
5th Grade Boys A & BWednesday5:30-6:30pmRavenna Eckstein CC
5th Grade Girls AWednesday6-7pmThornton Creek Elementary School
5th Grade Girls BWednesday7-8pmThornton Creek Elementary School
6th Grade Boys AWednesday6:30-7:30pmRavenna Eckstein CC
7th Grade Girls AWednesday6-7pmThornton Creek Elementary School
7th Grade Boys B & CWednesday7:30-8:30pmRavenna Eckstein CC
7th Grade Boys AWednesday8-9pmThornton Creek Elementary School
8th Grade Boys AWednesday8-9pmThornton Creek Elementary School

Event Schedule

Lynden Tip Off (Boys Only)Nov 16-17View Now
Wildcat Shootout SYBNov. 23-24View Now
WTA RentonDec. 7-8View Now
WTA RentonDec. 21-22View Now
Seattle City League (Parks and Rec)Jan-MarView Now